mardi 20 août 2013

EXPO ISRAEL - Honoré et classé à Haifa

International cartoon contest - Haifa 2013 - Sponsored by the Israel National Commission for Unesco.
The Israel National Commission for UNESCO


Certificates will be awarded to the cartoonists :

Yacek Frackiewicz, Poland
Makmudion Eshonkulov,Uzbekistan
Feng Gui Bo, China
Helmut Yacek, Germany
René Bouschet, France
Jose Luis lopez Palacios, Cuba
Jovan Prokoplijevic', Serbia

          Your cooperation serves to promote our international project and helps in achieving the goal of presenting your point of view relating to the main theme of the Cartoon Contest : “Tourism, Vacation and Leisure“.

          Your cartoons, are expressing a humorous perspective, and play an increasingly important role in today’s world.

          We are living today in a communications reality driven by forces that make use of diverse visual tools with the aim of influencing the general public.

          Art presents an anti-thesis to this approach through its ability to provide a comprehensive cultural and values-related experience.

          Sincerely yours

          Ronit Eshet
          Haifa Municipality
          Coordinator of the International cartoon contest - Haifa