dimanche 19 mai 2013

Le fatal nombre 13...

Dessin refusé pour une expo en Bulgarie


Dear Sir,

You can not take a part in the contest if you don't send original cartoons.
This is one of the rules because as you know it is an international contest.
I am sending you the post address, with the request to send the cartoons as soon as possible :
Regional Ethnographic Museum
2, Dr. Chomakov Str.

Have a nice day!
Yana Yaneva - PR


Et ma réponse :

Dear friend,

Thank you for your response.

Sorry ! But I never give my original cartoons by the Post office. I have no more confidence in the traditional Post office and particularly in French Post office.

For exemple (lived) : on 5 cartoons sent :

- 1 is lost
- 1 is stolen
- 1 is torn
- 1 always arrives too late
... Finally just 1 arrives.... and this is always the worst ! ... Thus I never gain !!!! .... ;-)

At the informatic generation, it's a pity that the « Galaxie's Gutenberg » is always more important that the « Galaxie's  McLuhan » ... :-( ... Especially considering the progress of laser printers ! ... ;-)

Friendships and best regards from France